Summer ice-cream cones




  • 6 waffle ice-cream cones
  • 1 tub pistachio, 1 tub strawberry ripple, 1 tub dark chocolate (Carte D’or)
  • 2 tubs chocolate and hazelnut cream (Novi)
  • 300g milk chocolate (Novi)
  • 1 jar peanut butter – (Pip & Nut)
  • Selection of coloured sprinkles, crushed sweets and chopped nuts (Lamb brand)

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Start this recipe by melting the chocolate and hazelnut spread in a microwave till smooth and runny. Dip in the ends of the waffle cones and sprinkle with either nuts, broken sweets or sprinkles. Next, spoon about 1 tbsp. of the same spread into the base of the cones and place into the fridge to set. When ready, revolve from the fridge and spread the inner top edge of 2 cones with peanut butter. Scoop in generously the chocolate ice cream, filling to the top with a dome. Fill the remaining 4 cones, 2 and 2 with the pistachio and the strawberry ripple ice-cream. Next working quickly, place all 6 cones into the freezer to set firm. Meanwhile, melt the milk chocolate. Dip the ice-cream cones in to coat and immediately decorate with more sprinkles, nuts and crushed sweets.

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