Mixed sushi balls




300g cooked sushi rice
1 packet vegan bacon strips (Quorn)
2-3 tbsp garlic flavored vegan mayonnaise (Hellmanns)
2 avocados
200g sliced smoked salmon
200 g cream cheese (Emborg)
2 inch piece cucumber, sliced
Toasted black and white sesame seeds
Wasabi- optional


For the bacon flavored sushi balls start by baking or frying the vegan bacon and then cut half into squares and chop the remaining half. Take a slice of cling film and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Lay a square of bacon on top followed bay a spoon of cooked sushi rice and flatten out. Lay on a tsp of mayonnaise, diced avocado and chopped bacon. Roll up into a ball using the cling film and squeeze tightly.  For the salmon sushi balls, lay a slice of cucumber onto the cling film, followed by a slice of salmon then sesame seeds. Cover with sushi rice, flatten out and fill with cream cheese, sliced cucumber and diced avocado. Roll up into a ball using the cling film and squeeze tightly. Allow the balls to chill slightly before serving.

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