Winner Rosemarie Calleja.Tipiak – Give away! Offer valid till 30th April 2022.

Does ‘Organic Couscous’ exist? If yes, what recipes have you used it in?  Type your reply in the below box and you may be the lucky winner of this amazing hamper. Offer ends on the 30th April 2022.


17 thoughts on “Winner Rosemarie Calleja.Tipiak – Give away! Offer valid till 30th April 2022.”

  1. Yes, it exists as I tried it out. 🙂 I used it as a side dish with one of our dinner meals which consisted of chicken breast with couscous and roasted potatoes.

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  2. yes it exists and to be honest I try to choose organic most of the times when shopping I combine it with you can say everything especially chicken dishes a favorite one chicken kebabs with lemon ginger peanut butter sauce on top of a good amount of couscous:-)

  3. Yes it exist. In fact the Tipiak have the organic couscous wholewheat available. I generally use couscous as a meal by itself.
    Love cooking marrows, onions, carrots, aubergine with some olive oil and mix together with the couscous.
    One can add feta cheese or any other meat, according to ones liking.

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